Sunday, March 12, 2017


Do you have lots of little balls or ends of hand spun yarn?  Come to our March 21st meeting and use some of them to make a small twined basket.  We will explain and demonstrate the process and get you started. Directions will be available to take home. (Note this program was postponed from January)

What to bring:

About 36 yards of yarn (fairly thick) for the spokes (these will not show in the end product, except perhaps along the top rim of the basket)

About 40-50 yards of yarn (a bit thinner) for weaving the basket - you do not need to be particular about this, just bring some colors you'd like to use together, as these will make the body of the basket.

A small container about 2-3 inches in diameter with straight sides to use for a mold around which to form your basket - a medium or large vitamin bottle, jelly jar, small juice glass, or small can will work well.

A yarn needle

Masking tape


A piece of cardboard a foot to 18" square (this will be your work surface)

To save time at the meeting, please cut 18 strands of your spoke yarn, each about 18" long.  Tie these in groups of 3 with a small loose knot at each end of each group.  You should have 6 'spokes' of 3 strands each.  If you don't have a chance to do this before the meeting, don't worry, you can do it there. 

If you do not have all these items bring what you have and we'll have a few extras that can be borrowed.