Tuesday, September 13, 2016

As usual, we will start our year with a spin-in.Let's also share what we've done and made over the summer. Bring your show and tell and stories. We have recently located a number of lost BASD documents. Come take a look at the BASD photo albums recovered. Perfect timing for our 45th anniversary year!

Start time 7:30. Newcomers welcome.

September 20 Meeting: Spin-in

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Please join us for the last BASD meeting of the year on
May 17th
at the Memorial Congregational Church in Sudbury
at 7:00 p.m. (note early start time)
This is our annual pot luck meal, and the final Challenge Swap.  We will also be asking for program and workshop suggestions for next year, as well as ideas for our annual Challenge.
What to bring:
A dish to feed 8-10 people – salad, main dish, appetizer, dessert, beverage.
Your own table setting (dishes, silverware, glassware/mug, and a mat (if you want).
Your Challenge project, if you participated, still in itsbag marked with its original number.
                                                 IDEAS!             SUGGESTIONS!
What programs would you like to have next year?  What do you want to learn more about?  What skills would you like to work on?  How many spin-inswould you like to have (in past years, we have had one in September and sometimes a second one in the winter)?
What workshops would you be interested in attending?  Are there presenters you'd like us to try to bring in?
What would you like to have as our fiber Challenge next year?  Should we specify a fiber?  A color?  A blend?  A specific end product?  It would be great to decide this at our May meeting – then members will have the whole summer to choose the fiber they need to participate.

May 17th Meeting Year End Pot Luck

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 Hi All,
That was a great meeting last evening - I believe we had 25 members in attendance, and Debbie did a wonderful job with her information on bast fibers.

Ruth has received invoices to renew our subscriptions to PLY and Spin Off.  Although our library is still under utilized, it is the magazines which are most frequently borrowed.  I would like them renewed, but want your opinions.  Please reply to the group to let us know, within the next few days.

Many thanks,


Magazines and meeting

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bast Fiber: Linen, Hemp, Ramie and Bast Bamboo

What are bast fibers? They all come from the stems of plants and there are a wide variety of them. Many cultures have used these fibers to amazing effect over millennia. We will explore them in roving form, so the fiber length should feel familiar to us


Bring your wheel and a cloth for your lap, as well as a small pot for water if you wish to try wet spinning. BASD will cover a substantial portion of the cost of $18 for the fibers through our dues. Members will pay a $5 fiber fee (or more, if they wish!) per sample set. Nonmembers can participate at the full cost of $18.

April 19 Meeting Bast Fibers

Monday, March 7, 2016

OK, we have a pattern we love and some handspun which might suit. What do we do next? Carol McClennen and Debbie Kaplan will talk swatching, needle sizes, garment shapes, calculations, resources and more.  Bring yarns you are puzzled about how to use, patterns you are not sure how to adapt, questions and successes. Also bring various needle sizes, yarn, a tape measure, and a calculator for swatching.

The BASD library will be selling items we own which go beyond our core mission of spinning and dyeing. Available will be books, magazines and patterns from a wide array of crafts. Most items will be priced at less than $2.00 each. A few select items will be auctioned at the meeting. Bring your checkbooks!

As always, non-members welcome.

March 15 Modifying Patterns for Handspun and BASD Library Book Selloff

Saturday, February 6, 2016

We will experiment with creating sound and beautiful singles yarns.

How do we add the right amount of twist for a yarn which will hang straight in a finished knit? How do we add enough for a singles warp? How and when do we set singles? We will explore all these questions and more.

Bring your wheels and lowest ratio (the biggest) whorls you have. BASD will cover approximately half the cost of fiber through our dues. $4 fiber fee per sample set of Gotland and Shetland. Non-members can participate, but the full cost will be requested.

Clean house and bring your extra fiber, yarn, and equipment to swap or sell! Look for bargains you'd love to own! If you want to sell items, please label them clearly with price and your name.

Non-members welcome as always!

February 16 Spinning for Single Ply Yarns and Stash Swap

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our January meeting will be a spin in with a spindle twist. If you have a spindle, or want to learn, let's celebrate it. Bring your spindle or try out a few that will be available. Help will be available if you want to learn, have a refresher or want to learn to use a different type of spindle. If you'd rather, bring your wheel and have a relaxing spin in. In either case, there will be a special surprise fiber to spin, free to BASD members. The cost is covered as a part of our dues.

We will have visiting us Karen Seo, a breeder of Ouessant sheep. She may have some Ouessant/Shetland cross fleeces for sale.

From the Field Guide to Fleece:

Origin, France.  Also known as the Ushant, one of the smallest sheep in the world.

The tiny hardy Ouessant, one of the Northern European Short-tailed breeds, packs a lot of fleece onto its small frame.  Its fleeces may be nearly single coated double, or even triple.  May have coarse fibers and kemp.  Staples are triangular with wide bases of finer undercoat narrowing to coarse pointed tips.  Softest yarns make good socks, mittens, and other garments.  Wool does felt.


Also, if you are participating in the challenge, remember to bring your yarn to exchange. New: we will spread out the yarns on a table, anonymously, before the exchange, to see what we have all done in the spinning.

January 19 Spindle Emphasis Spin In