Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 19 Spindle Emphasis Spin In

Our January meeting will be a spin in with a spindle twist. If you have a spindle, or want to learn, let's celebrate it. Bring your spindle or try out a few that will be available. Help will be available if you want to learn, have a refresher or want to learn to use a different type of spindle. If you'd rather, bring your wheel and have a relaxing spin in. In either case, there will be a special surprise fiber to spin, free to BASD members. The cost is covered as a part of our dues.

We will have visiting us Karen Seo, a breeder of Ouessant sheep. She may have some Ouessant/Shetland cross fleeces for sale.

From the Field Guide to Fleece:

Origin, France.  Also known as the Ushant, one of the smallest sheep in the world.

The tiny hardy Ouessant, one of the Northern European Short-tailed breeds, packs a lot of fleece onto its small frame.  Its fleeces may be nearly single coated double, or even triple.  May have coarse fibers and kemp.  Staples are triangular with wide bases of finer undercoat narrowing to coarse pointed tips.  Softest yarns make good socks, mittens, and other garments.  Wool does felt.


Also, if you are participating in the challenge, remember to bring your yarn to exchange. New: we will spread out the yarns on a table, anonymously, before the exchange, to see what we have all done in the spinning.