Saturday, October 23, 2010

BASD Green Mountain Spinnery and Farms Tour

Saturday, October 23, 2010, BASD Green Mountain Spinnery and Farms Tour
BASD Field Trip to Vermont and New Hampshire

Do you know where your yarn comes from?

Join other members of BASD on a field trip to:

• Green Mountain Spinnery (GMS) in Putney Vermont where we will tour the spinning facility (since it is a Saturday, they will not be spinning, but will give us a tour) in the morning.

• Lunch at either the Putney Co-Op or the Granite Grille in Fitzwilliam(each person buys their own)

• Three sheep farms in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire in the afternoon, including:
Steeple Chase Farm, where Gretchen and her family raise Wensleydale

cross, some exotic fleece sheep, Cormo, CVM, and some Merino Crosses, as well as llamas and some heritage breed chickens; The Hill Farm, where Donna, Morgan, and their family raise Shetland, Jacob, and Romney sheep, angora rabbits, llamas as well as horses, chickens, ducks, cows, and pigs; and Boulder Meadow Farm, where Lisa raises Wensleydale sheep, lamas, an alpaca, and various fowl. Lisa (who runs production at Green Mountain Spinnery, and judges fleeces at shows) also has a home-based fiber mill, and teaches and holds dye workshops (both natural and chemical) at her farm.
This is an opportunity to learn about what goes into yarn production - see a spinning plant, learn about sheep farming and various breeds of sheep (and other animals) and the characteristics and best uses of their fleece.
There will be some opportunity to purchase yarns (at the Spinnery) and raw and washed fleece as well as dyed locks (at the farms). The farms also sell various meats raised on their farms.
Check newsletter for signup details.