Friday, February 1, 2019

February 19th at 7:30 Using a Drop Spindle

Penny Lacroix will give a program for everyone on drop spindling. She will introduce various spindles and explain why you might want one versus another. If you haven't used a drop spindle before, you will learn the basics and go home with some spun yarn. For anyone who already spins on a wheel, it should be relatively easy to pick it up. Penny will have pencil roving to work with for the first tries, and then you will move on to roving or top. For those who have used a drop spindle before, Penny will talk about chain plying and Andean plying. She'll also share a trick to spin and ply alternately so you end up with a 3-ply balanced yarn on your spindle. You are invited to share your tips and tricks. If you have a drop spindle, please bring it along. If not, Penny will have some you can borrow. Fiber will be provided.