Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 17 Program: Using Multicolored Braids

We all find multi-colored braids of fiber irresistible. We buy 4-ounce braids, usually just one or two in a particular colorway. They are beautiful – but we get them home and are reluctant to spin them, afraid that the colors will mix into mud or end up with a barber pole effect. They sit in bins or baskets, we take them out to admire them – and then return them, unspun.

At our October meeting, we will look at some braids and discuss how they are dyed and various ways in which they might be spun and plied to bring out the colors.  Bring some of your dyed braids to get some opinions and advice.  If you've spun, knitted or woven some dyed braids bring samples for us to see.

One way to maximize your 4 ounce braid is to ply it with a solid color, and this is the particular technique we'll be trying. Each participant can purchase 1 ounce of  multicolored dyed top for $2.00.  Spin it in a single ply and bring it back in January, when a variety of  one ounce bumps of solid colors from The Fiber Loft will be available for purchase.  We'll want to see the results at a meeting later in the Spring.   Bring your wheel or drop spindle, in case there is time to start spinning your ounce of fiber at the meeting.