Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 20 Meeting: Antique and Vintage Spinning Wheel Rescue

 Krysten Morganti collects and restores antique and vintage spinning wheels.  She'll talk about the appeal of getting older wheels back into functional condition, as well as the how-to's of finding, assessing, and restoring older wheels to get them spinning again.  Hear some stories about a few special wheels and their journeys, and spend some time trying out a diverse subset of her herd. Check out her blog at 

If you are participating in this year's challenge,  "Level Playing Field", remember to bring $7 for your fiber purchase, a total of 4 oz of Corriedale top in two mystery colors.

Also - our Guild has been given a Saxony style spinning wheel which was made by John Caves of Fitchburg in the 1970's. It is a very nice looking wheel, well built and functional, but it does have two limitations:  there is only one bobbin with it (perhaps bobbins used on another type of wheel would fit it), and it has only one whorl (so just one speed of flyer rotation).  We already have two wheels  in our equipment inventory, and do not need to keep this one.  Therefore, we have decided to offer it to any Guild member who wants to spin but who does not have a wheel.  The wheel will be on view at the October meeting.

If you are a BASD Guild member who does not have a wheel, and would like to be entered into a lottery for this FREE wheel, please come to the October meeting and put your name in for this one.  We will draw the winner at the meeting.