Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday January 25, 2011, Meeting

Tuesday January 25, 2011, Meeting
Five Breeds of Sheep
January 25, 2011 (4th Tuesday of the month), 7:30 pm Wolbach Farm, Sudbury, MA
Come bring your spinning wheels and spindles and try your hand at spinning the wools you voted for at the September meeting! We will each get a sample of Bluefaced Leicester, Welsh Mountain, Shetland, Merino, and Icelandic rovings to try, along with some information about each breed and its fiber. Let’s have a fun, relaxing time and compare notes.
For those participating in the ornamented exchange, this is the month to swap. Remember to bring in your spun yarn—along with any ornaments not yet incorporated into the project—for the next leg of our ornamented exchange. We will put the four or so ounces of spun yarn and ornaments back in the grab bag. Then we’ll take turns pulling out some handspun yarn to work with in any way our imaginations take us, adding ornaments in any way we desire. Have the final project ready to return to the fiber’s original owner in May. Snow date for the exchange is the February 15 meeting.