Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 27, 2010, meeting

Jan 27, 2010, meeting 

January 27 Meeting (4th Wednesday of the month), 7:30 pm

Kente Cloth

The African strip woven cloth known as Kente is a beautiful richly designed textile with a Jazz-like sensibility. Kente is traditionally used as clothing for both men and women of high rank and collected in museums and private collections around the world. Come see how this amazing cloth is made.

Multicolor Spinning Exchange at the January meeting

Remember to bring in your spun yarn for the next leg of our multicolor spinning exchange. We will put the 4 or so ounces of spun yarn back in the grab bag and pull out some handspun yarn to work with in any way our imaginations take us. Have the final project ready to return to the fibers original owner in May. Snow date for the exchange is the February 10th meeting (second Wednesday of February).

Fiber and book giveaway at the January and February meetings

A large amount of fiber and fiber related books has been donated by the estate of Ruth Mills of Milford, MA. We will be drawing numbers to pick from among this generous donation to our members.