Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17, 2007, Meeting

October 17, 2007, Meeting 7:30, Wolbach Farm, Sudbury

Flax Preparation and Spinning Workshop
Sue Bunker from the American Textile History Museum will bring flax, a flax brake for us to break and a scutching knife to scutch to obtain the fine inner fibers of the previously rotted or retted flax.
Barbara Provest will bring extra flax stricks (available from Webs) and then demonstrate the combing and arrangement of flax fibers and attachment to your distaff and then with the addition of water will attempt to spin it into gold for you; Rumple Stilskin was previously booked for the evening.
BRING if you wish:  a distaff, lap towel, strick of flax fibers (if you have one), 3 yards of a colorful soft  ribbon, like grosgrain.
To make a waist distaff to use with a drop spindle, bring a 34"-36" piece of  1/2 to 3/4" dowel or very straight branch.  A child's tube sock can be pulled over the dowel, stuffed and tied at the bottom.  Or, you can bring an old pillow case cut in half lengthwise and stiff it with tissue paper and we can wind it on to the distaff in a cone shape and pin it on.  We will arrange the combed flax over this at the meeting.  You will need the 3 yards of a soft  3/4" grosgrain ribbon to criss-cross and hold flax to the distaff.
To make a distaff for use with your spinning wheel:  Check to see if you have a hole in your wheel bed.  Mine was the size of a wooden curtain rod, so I used that as it fit.  If you have very long flax you will need a longer distaff.  Some early American wheels have short distaffs as their flax was shorter (not enough irrigation during the growing season).  You can always make a freestanding distaff if you have no hole in your wheel bed.

Fiber Exchange
Come join the fun! The challenge this year will be to start with 4 oz. of gray wool and end up with a project consisting mainly of that wool. You can overdye the gray if desired. You can add up to an ounce or so of other fibers to enhance the original wool, if you want. At the October 17th meeting, each participant will receive 4 oz. of gray wool to spin. At a future meeting we will pass on the spun yarn to another participant. The second participant will create a finished object from the yarn supplied, using any medium desired. The created object will be given to the original spinner at a show and tell at our May potluck. There will be a fee of $4 to cover the cost of the fiber.